Neurosurgery At Leeds...

The Neurosurgery department at Leeds is one of the the country's largest and most advanced. Leeds has a large catchment area and patients arrive from all over the country (indeed the world) to have their treatment here.

The following information is intended for patients and visitors. If you are a medical student, there is an information sheet about the department that you can download here.

Information for junior doctors is available on the Medical Education Leeds website (external website) and a copy of the information provided is also available within the LeedsNeurosurgery site.


The Surgeons

Some neurosurgeons in theatreAt Leeds we have a very experienced surgical team led by 11 consultant surgeons.

Each of our consultants have their own specialist areas of interest, in addition to being qualified consultants in general neurosurgery.

For more information about the individual consultants, please click the "our surgeons" tab on the navigation bar above.


The Wards

An example of one of our neurosurgery wardsThere are several neurosurgery wards at Leeds as well as dedicated neurosurgical high dependency and intensive care units.

Most of the wards are at Leeds General Infirmary and are grouped together; ask for the Jubilee Building.

Ward L28 is not in the Jubilee Building, it is in the old site, please ask for directions on arrival.

The wards are staffed by highly-trained, professional staff who are very friendly and always happy to help or answer any questions that you might have.

The Neurosciences Unit's "Nursing Philiosophy"


Your Stay With Us

Some more neurosurgeons in theatre!When you arrive, you will meet a member nursing team as soon as possible and one of the doctors will come to see you too.

This initial meeting gives you the chance to ask us any questions that you might have about your stay and also for us to get to know you a little better.

It's very important that you tell us about any special requirements that you may have.

When the medical team see you, they will ask you about any health problems you might have had in the past (even if they seem nothing to do with why you are here this time) and what medicines you would normally take at home - it can be difficult to remember all of these so please bring in a list!

You will be seen daily by the nursing staff and by at least one of the doctors (this will not always be your consultant but will be a member of their team).


Visiting & Contacting The Wards

We understand that it is very important to be able to visit your loved ones at this time.

The visiting hours are:

Ward L6 (Neurosurgical Intensive Care):
Open visiting, 24/7 (except for ward rounds and cleaning)

Ward L8 (Neurosurgical High Dependency Unit):
2pm until 4pm and 6pm until 8pm daily (except only 6pm until 8pm on Thursdays)

Ward L24 (Male Ward):
2pm until 4pm and 6pm until 8pm daily (except only 6pm until 8pm on Fridays)

Ward L24 (Female Ward):
2pm until 4pm and 6pm until 8pm daily (except only 6pm until 8pm on Thursdays)

Ward L28:
2pm until 4pm and 6pm until 8pm daily (except only 6pm until 8pm on Thursdays)

Please adhere to the visiting hours because we need the rest of the time to look after our patients, perform ward rounds and to clean the wards thoroughly.

On Thursdays the wards have an extra, formal "deep clean" and so are not open for visitors between 2pm and 4pm.

You can 'phone the wards on the numbers listed beolow:

Ward L6: 0113 3927 406

Ward L8: 0113 3927 408

Ward L24: 0113 3927 424

Ward L25: 0113 3927 425

Ward L28: 0113 3927 428

Please be patient; the wards are often very busy and there is sometimes nobody free to answer the 'phone. If we cannot answer, please try again later at a less busy time of day.

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