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e-mailing Leeds Neurosurgery...

You are more than welcome to e-mail, indeed we look forward to hearing from you. We don't mean to be difficult but there's things we can and can't do by e-mail.

Before e-mailing, please carefully consider the following:

  • We are unable to give medical advice via e-mail
  • This site is not the appropriate way to make clinical enquiries, requests to amend/expedite appointments, referrals etc
  • We are also unable to comment about waiting times for operations, clinic reviews etc or check when someone's next appointment will be
  • We do not give out contact information, beyond that which is already displayed on this site
  • We do not have details of how to arrange to be seen privately

All e-mails that breech the above (including anything that contains clinical information) will be deleted without being read further or passed on to the medical team.

If you are still keen to e-mail us, the address is:

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