Working in Neurosurgery at Leeds...



Welcome to the neurosurgery! We hope that you will enjoy your time in what is a busy and exciting department to work in.

Mr Ian Anderson (ST5 in Neurosurgery)

The Department

The neurosurgical department at Leeds is a busy tertiary neurosurgical centre, serving a population of approximately 3 million people across much of Yorkshire.

We have 11 consultants who all cover general neurosurgical on-calls but have their own sub-specialist interests which are broadly divided into paediatric, cranial and spinal neurosurgery but most consultants enjoy a varied surgical practise:

Mr  P. Chumas
Mr  J. Goodden
Mr A. Tyagi
Mr G. Sivakumar

Mr R. Corns
Mr K Deniz
Mr N. Phillips
Mr S. Ross

Mr D. Pal
Mr S. Thomson
Mr J. Timothy
Mr G. Towns

Rotas & Leave

The current SHO rota co-ordinator is Ms Saira Alli (SpR). All requests for leave must be submitted to Ms Alli via e-mail. Signed leave forms must subsequently be countersigned by Mr Goodden (consultant in charge of SHOs) or Mr Phillips (consultant in charge of registrars) before leave may be considered “booked”.

Study leave request forms are available to download here


Neurosurgery is a busy speciality and there is the opportunity to gain experience in dealing with a wide spectrum of pathologies, including care of the critically ill patient. Specific training opportunities in neurosurgery for SHOs include, weekly consultant-led teaching sessions (Friday mornings with Mr Tyagi), attending weekly MDT meetings, attending weekly registrar-led teaching sessions (Wednesday mornings), timetabled time in clinic and theatres without concurrent ward commitments, active participation in clinic audit and presentation as well as the opportunity to become involved in the numerous research projects currently taking place within the department.


We are currently working on a podcast-based induction programme for new starters in the department. Further information will follow soon.

Some useful induction documents can be found on the staff pages of this site.

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