Our Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialists:

Over the last year the Neuro Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) service within the Yorkshire Cancer Network has been expanded and developed. These changes follow the publication of the NICE (2006) Improving Outcomes Guidance for patients with Brain and Central Nervous System Tumours [read the whole document].

Key Aspects of the Service:

  • To provide information and support to patients who have a benign or malignant tumour at the point of radiological diagnosis and throughout their care pathway through the identification of a key worker.
  • To provide personalised care
  • To work within a multi-disciplinary team
  • To improve service development

The Team of 5 Nurse Specialists:

There are three nurse specialists who work within the Yorkshire Cancer Network hospitals, liaising with local teams to identify and contact patients following imaging and referral. They support patients locally and follow them through the pathway into neurosurgery if required.

There are two nurses who are based in oncology at Leeds. These nurse specialists follow patients through their pathway supporting them when they are given results and onwards where patients require further treatment for example radiotherapy/chemotherapy.

This developing service has already proven to have a positive impact on patient care. Patients are identified earlier and have access to information and support. This allows us to assess any symptoms or needs patients may have and support them through their journey impacting positively on patient well being.

The CNS team also play a role in facilitating the discharge of patients and preventing readmission to hospital.

We also promote education and teaching and are available for advice and support to fellow professionals.

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