Making an Online Referral...

All acute referrals to neurosurgery (ie anything that would previously have been 'phoned through to the on call neurosurgical registrar on call) should be referred online via the link below.

Make an Acute Referral

As of 31st July 2019, the neurosurgical onlien referrals software will migrate Teleologic to Patient Pass. The old Teleologic system will remain avaiable for a short time in order that existing referrals can be updated, however it will not be possible to make new referrals via this system. The old system can be accessed here (note that the old system will only work in Internet Explorer).

Please note that acute cases of back pain, thoracic/lumbar fractures, discitis and suspected or confirmed metastatic spinal cord compression should be referred to the registrar on call for orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary, via the LGI switchboard. For further information on who to contact for spinal problems please see the spinal referral guidance.

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