Referring a Patient with a Life-Threatening Emergency...


If you have a patient that needs an immediate decision about a life or death issue that cannot wait for an online response on clinical grounds (see list below for details), please ‘phone the switchboard at Leeds General Infirmary (0113 243 2799) and ask for “The Neurosurgical Registrar on Call” on the on-call mobile.

We would expect these patients: are being kept fasted, have had pre-operative bloods sent and have had their scans have been electronically sent to the Leeds PACS system (if referring from outside LTH NHS Trust).


Potentially life-threatening emergencies that may need immediate telephone discussion:

  • Acute Subdural Haematoma
  • Extradural Haematoma
  • Intracerebral Haematoma with deteriorating GCS
  • Spontaneous (Non-Traumatic) Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
  • Spinal Epidural Haematoma
  • Cerebral Abscess
  • Subdural Empyema
  • Spinal Epidural abscess
  • Acute Hydrocephalus (excluding normal pressure hydrocephalus)
  • Any patient with an intracranial mass lesion(TUMOUR/HAEMATOMA) and deteriorating GCS


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