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Making an Outpatient Referral...


General Outpatient Clinics

If patients are previously known to a specific consultant, please write to that consultant directly.

Otherwise, “Dear Neurosurgery” letters will suffice and will be triaged to an appropriate consultant.


Spinal Triage Service

New spinal referrals should be made in writing to “Neurosurgical Spinal Triage Service”. They will be reviewed and triaged to an appropriate clinician (e.g. neurosurgeon, physiotherapist or musculoskeletal team).

Please note that all referrals to the Neurosurgical Spinal Triage Service need to have had appropriate, up-to-date imaging that has been linked to the Leeds PACS system; all referrals that do not fulfil this requirement will be rejected automatically.

Neurosurgical Spinal Triage Service Referrals should be sent to Helen Stevens:

By Post:

Spinal Triage Coordinator
G Floor, Jubilee Wing
Leeds General Infirmary
Great George Street

By Fax:
(0113) 3928546


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