Making a Referral to The Pituitary MDT...

The neurosurgical department run a monthly MDT meeting to discuss patients with pituitary problems.

You need to complete and return the referral form for the neurovascular MDT; this can be found on this website, under the "Downloads" section on the left hand side of every page on this site or at the bottom of this page.

Patients should have undergone the relevant endocrinological assessment and workup, please include this information in the referral.

Please be reminded that, in order to discuss any case at this meeting or to review a patient in clinic, we need to be able to view the scans on our PACS system. Patients whose images are not received by the MDT (either via the PACS link or on a disc) will not be discussed at the meeting.

Patients who have acute visual loss due to a pituitary lesion or those with apoplexy should be referred urgently via the online system.


Download The Pituitary MDT Referral Form Here


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