Making a Referral to The Brain/CNS MDT...

Referring patients with tumours to neurosurgery is a two-step process; both steps need to be completed for all referrals:

Step 1:

  • Make an online referral to the registrar on call (the registrar on call will give urgent advice regarding the need for any further imaging, steroids, urgent surgical intervention etc. as well as confirm that the imaging has been received).
  • A link to the online referral software can be found here
  • This replaces the previous need for referring clinicians to discuss every case with the on-call registrar in person.


Step 2:

  • Complete and return (by fax) the Brain/CNS MDT referral form
  • This information you provide can be copied and pasted from your previous online referral to save time
  • This form is for the MDT coordinator to book the patient into the MDT for a definitive decision

Download The Brain/CNS MDT Referral Form Here


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