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Neurosurgical Research in Leeds...

Leeds has a strong tradition for pioneering neurosurgical research and there are numerous active projects within the department.

Some of the current and recent research projects are detailed below:




INterNational study on Odontoid frActure Treatment in the Elderly

This is a multicenter international trial to prospectively assess surgical versus conservative treatment of type 2 and 3 odontoid fracture. Please find attached the patient information sheet and consent form.

The consultant liason for this study is Mr Timothy. The registrar liason is Mr Senthil Selvanathan.

Download the INNOVATE patient information sheet

Download the INNOVATE consent form


STASH Trial Logo

STASH is a multi-centre placebo controlled double blinded phase III trial assessing the clinical benefit of SimvaSTatin in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage (STASH).

The consultant liaison for the STASH Trial is Mr Ross.

Download the Patient Log Form for the STASH Trial

Click to Visit the STASH Website


STITCH (Trauma) Trial

Dreamweaver CS3

The UK National Institutes of Health Research has provided funding for the STITCH(Trauma) study to determine whether a policy of early surgery in patients with TICH improves outcome compared to a policy of initial conservative treatment. This is an international multicentre pragmatic randomised controlled trial.

The registrar liaisons for the STITCH (Trauma) Trial are Mr Ryan Mathew and Mr Ian Anderson.

Click to Visit the STITCH (Trauma) Website



Dreamweaver CS3

This trial aims to establish whether a policy of earlier surgical evacuation of haematomas in selected patients with spontaneous LOBAR ICH will improve outcome compared to a policy of initial conservative treatment.

The registrar liaison for the STICH II Trial is Mr Ryan Mathew.

Click to Visit the STICH II Website



ETV vs Shunt Revision Study

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This study is trying to ascertain whether endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) is better than shunt insertion.

Please find documentation relating to this trial below (pdf format):

Admission Proforma
Consent Form
Research Protocol
Follow-Up Proforma
Information Sheet (Parent/Carer)
Information Sheet (Patient)
Information Sheet (Relative)
Letter To GP
Notice For Wards
Pre-Op Radiology Proforma
Surgery & Discharge Proforma

Lumbar Drain Trial

Please find documentation relating to this trial below:

Photodynamic Therapy for Pituitary Tumours

This research project was started over ten years ago and is now reviewing the long term results. There are no current opportunities to join this study as a new patient but previous patients are currently under surveillance.



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